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Ang Kasangga Inks 4 Deals for Micro-Entrepreneurs

Ang Kasangga sa Kaunlaran (or Ang Kasangga) has recently signed four agreements that would not only open doors but also create ladders of opportunities to improve the current social and economic conditions for all micro-entrepreneurs in the country.

Lawyer Norman Tayag, secretary general of Ang Kasangga, made the announcement as he witnessed the ceremonial signing of four Memorandums of Agreement (MOAs) during Ang Kasangga’s National Assembly at Mandarin Hotel, Makati last March 8.

“These agreements will surely open up doors and even create ladders of opportunities for micro-entrepreneurs for they will provide a better economic atmosphere for them so that their businesses would be protected and, eventually, they could earn more,” he said.

The first MOA signed is a tripartite agreement on environmental protection and conservation projects in Albay Province with Albay Governor Joey S. Salceda and Eco-Coral Corporation president Dr. Patrick Alain Azanza.

The agreement seeks to establish research facilities and install equipment for reef remediation, rehabilitation and protection, mangrove enhancement, and fish production increase.

“We will create community-based volunteer groups who protect and apprehend persons using illegal fishing methods that damage the marine eco-systems within the project area. This program will show local folks the benefits of a rehabilitated eco-coral reef system in improving fish stocks and generation of livelihood.” Tayag said.

The second MOA Ang Kasangga signed with Aklan Governor Carlito Marquez aims to promote coral reef management and rehabilitation, this time, through the development of a Geo-Marine Aqua Park in Aklan.

The agreement would primarily provide incentives to existing industries, businesses and services, such as boatmen, equipment suppliers, and tour guides that contribute to geo-marine aqua park operation.

Tayag also announced the signing of an agreement establishing a salary loan program for all qualified Ang Kasangga members and employees.

This agreement was signed with Postal Bank of the Philippines vice president Leonard Cruz, Win Ace Holdings chief financial officer Stephen Ray Abo, and Raining Pesos Inc. president James Patrick Cassels Jr..

The last agreement signed for Ang Kasangga members, especially those with relatives and loved ones abroad, will have an opportunity to create additional source of living. It was signed with Dr. Azanza, president of Winsource Solutions, Inc. (WSI).

“The Pinoy Call project with Winsource will give our members an opportunity to create additional source of living by selling call cards that provide unlimited long distance calls. For every call card sold, WSI shall pay the referror a commission of US$ 5,” Tayag explained.

“We are thankful to all partners in the government and the business sector, who have signed these agreements with us. These efforts will surely help propagate, develop and promote micro-entrepreneurship as the backbone of our economy,” he added. All of the four agreements were made possible through the leadership of Ang Kasangga chairman, Teodorico Haresco Jr.(30)

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