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An Auspicious Future from A Distinguished Past

Teodorico Haresco is cited in the book The British Legacy to the Philippines. Teodorico Haresco was a vital factor in the Special Zone in Peace and Development phase of the PBP, dubbed Bridges of Hope.

He is cited in the book The British Legacy to the Philippines: 425 years of Philippine-British Relations, as one of 19 Filipinos who have contributed directly to Philippine development through work driven by commitment, dedication, and nationalism. His name is among those of national hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, and Fidel V. Ramos.

Teodorico Haresco

He is responsible for conceptualizing and bringing to fruition the Philippine’s President’s Bridge Program (PBP), a bridge infrastructure program designed to spur the country’s much needed rural economic development. In a country characterized by vast arable tracts of land separated by waterways, bridges are crucial in efficiently connecting markets, reducing time and cost to produce and transport goods. To date, the PBP survives as the country’s only dedicated bridging project, and Teodorico Haresco’s efforts have been crucial in erecting 1,589 units in an archipelago that has placed the need at over 14,000.

Teodorico Haresco was a vital factor in the Special Zone in Peace and Development phase of the PBP, dubbed Bridges of Hope. Under his watch, the project completed 526 bridges nine months ahead of schedule, with no cost overruns. In fact, the resulting materials savings were utilized for more bridges.

It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It is also an unofficial acknowledgment of a program’s success. The PBP now serves as a model being duplicated in Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, Siberia and other parts of Asia.

Worthy Son
Teodorico T. Haresco, Jr. hails from distinguished, if unheralded, beginnings. The son of the the late Colonel Teodorico Haresco, Sr., a WWII hero (War in Panay) and USAFFE Silver Star awardee, and Atty. Razon Tumbocon, Summa Cum Laude, University of Sto. Tomas Golden Awardee, and first Chairman of the Tariff Commission, he has since gone on to greater things.

Educated in De La Salle University from Prep to tertiary level, he graduated with honors in dual degrees. In his BA in Economics and a BS in Accounting would be found the seeds for a powerful business acumen and a perceptive appreciation of what his countrymen truly need.

An MA in International Economics from McGill University, Montreal, in Canada further rounded out his perspective, and provided the confirmation of the initial direction of his professional career. Throughout the various positions held during a fulfilling career, a recurring theme was that of policymaking, direction, and implementation towards programs for economic growth and, ultimately, nationwide development. Involvement with the United Nations Commission on Trade and Development ITC (UNCTAD-ITC), the UNDP, various congressional committees on economic policy, and ultimately, the Office of the President (CCPAP) exposed Teodorico T. Haresco to the inner workings of International Trade and Finance, specifically that of Developmental Aid.

Family Man, Surrogate Dad
Teodorico T. Haresco is an accomplished family man, and with the inclusion of little Ekaterina, born in 2008 makes him a happily married man and a father of four.

But he doesn’t stop there. Teodorico Haresco is also principal developer of a nationwide scholarship fund for the children of slain journalists, a unique project that has yet to be duplicated. It is significant, especially when one considers that if most of the murder cases remain unsolved, then it stands to reason that the benefits to the beneficiaries of the victims are not immediately forthcoming. As of 2007, 34 scholars are being put through school.

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  2. teodorico haresco
  3. July 26, 2010 at 10:55 pm

    Congratulations to Cong.Haresco.His proclamation as member of the Phil. Congress will pave the way for turning the wheels of progress in the phil. countryside with more opportunities to be made available for micro-entrepreneurs in the rural areas, where majority of the poor needs assistance to harness their participation in the nations economy.May the guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT be with you Cong.Haresco.

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