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Jairus Bondoc’s article Shame the corrupt, reward informants

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The Comelec has entangled itself in a legal mess. Last June 23 all its seven commissioners in en banc proclaimed Kasangga to have won a seat in the congressional party-list voting. As such, they authorized the party’s qualified nominee Teodorico T. Haresco to sit as representative for a three-year term. So Haresco, with some other reps, took his oath of office on June 30 before P-Noy.

Comes the knotty part. Last week three of the commissioners, sitting as one of two divisions, said that Haresco is not marginalized as the small and medium entrepreneurs he represents. This is because he has a “long list of businesses.” But of course Haresco has several ventures. That’s because he grew his initial capital many times over in the last three decades. In the process he formed Kasangga to microfinance dozens of cooperatives — of market vendors, farmers, tricycle drivers, masseurs, and handicraftsmen.

Just because Haresco has more money in his pocket doesn’t mean he cannot represent the little folk he has led for years. If that were the rule, then labor sector reps in Congress cannot sit for workingmen since they are not laborers but full-time union administrators.


Ang Kasangga supports Aquino administration’s economic agenda

August 31, 2010 1 comment

Rep. Teodorico T. Haresco Jr., of Ang Kasangga Partylist has joined in the fray of pushing for President Aquino’s economic agenda, particularly in creating more jobs and windows of opportunities for Filipino people, especially among micro-entrepreneurs.

Haresco, made the manifestation as he filed House Resolution No. 146 which expresses unequivocal support to President Aquino’s socio-economic agenda and his call for greater transparency and good governance.

“There is a need to call for national unity regardless of political party, affiliation and sectoral organization to work together for meaningful change and push forward the socio-economic agenda of the President;” he said.

“We call upon all the sectors of the society to rally behind and give their full support to the administration of President Benigno C. Aquino III to pave the way for national development and prosperity of the country,” he added. (By Ally Salazar)
In his first State of the Nation Address, Haresco noted that President Aquino has offered hope to people with a promise of “better governance, more public services, and improved transparency in government transactions.”

President Aquino has also underscored the need for job creation through increased public-private partnerships, expansion of PhilHealth coverage, eradication of red tape in government transactions and active participation of local government units in the national development.

Haresco said that President Aquino’s call for strong public-private partnership is a “creative approach” to source the much-needed funds to resolve the lingering national problems in education, agriculture, health, defense and the lack of infrastructures.